Getting My Hands Dirty

You may have heard me talk about the benefits of urban agriculture or the benefits of Can YA Love's vertical gardens before.  Or you may have just heard that I'm doing something with gardens, food, Kenya, or all of the above.  And you would be right, all those things are true. But now I'm excited to say that I can share the benefits about all these things by growing my own food and blogging about it.

This season I will be starting my very own fruit and vegetable garden in Washington, DC.  As I go through the process (for the first time) I plan to share my experiences (victories and failures) with you so that you too can take the plunge into starting your own garden to supplement your diet (and save money).  I will be talking about how to setup and start a garden, what plants to grow, how to irrigate your plants, how to compost, and a host of other topics.  I hope that my experience can inspire others to do the same because if an urbanite from NYC like me can do it, ANYONE can.

What will my first post be about you ask?  Finding space to garden in a city where you may not have any.  There are some innovative solutions out there and I will share what I am doing next time.  Stay tuned.

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Randy Coleman
Director of Operations for Can YA Love