The Problem

David Ndung'u of CYL Kenya planning and building a new prototype irrigation method
at Kabiro Primary School in Kawangware, Kenya.

Around the world, arable land or land that is suitable for agriculture is dwindling. Urban growth, modern agricultural practices, desertification, and climate change are the causes. At the same time our world population is increasing, compounding this problem exponentially. How do we feed an additional 2 billion people by 2050? CYL has found a way to grow more food with less space while promoting nutritious life-giving soil through composting. (See the rest of the Garden Benefits here).

Can YA Love's vertical gardens solve another problem too, accessibility. The wonderful experience that comes with gardening and watching the cycle of life in front of your very eyes, is limited for those with physical constraints such as, the elderly or disabled. But because the gardens CYL builds are vertical they are fully accessible and can be maintained without having to bend over. We believe these groups should have the joy of growing their own food too and we work with organizations, governments, communities, and schools to realize that goal.