Your donation is instrumental in creating and maintaining Can YA Love gardens for communities around the world. Not sure how much to donate? Here are some examples of how we might utilize your generous contribution:

$50 can buy gardening tools in a developing country

$100 can buy the materials for building a Growing Pillar

$300 can buy the soil needed to fill a Growing Pillar

$500 can fund a self-sustaining system for growing food, including water capture and composting (like a worm farm)

$1000 can provide a self-sustaining system for food and composting, and training on soil science, plant science, and maintenance of the garden
We greatly appreciate our donors and keep them updated through periodic reports and photographs.

Donating as a gift for a loved one?

If you would like to donate on someone’s behalf for the holidays or a birthday, please use the donate button below and send an email to with the name of the receiving donor and an optional message.  We will send a personalized thank you to that donor along with an explanation of how they're contribution will make an impact.