What We Believe

Can YA Love believes every community can be resilient, sustainable, and be respected as autonomous; our three core values.

With droughts becoming more common, food prices rising, and more frequent outbreaks of disease, communities need to become more resilient in the face of these outside forces. We believe growing your own food can do that. Growing locally means connecting ourselves to our food source, reducing the environmental impact of transporting food, and eating more nutritious food. Growing food for your family means you are not using precious income buying food from the store, which is vulnerable to rising prices. Using CYL's vertical gardens increases the amount of food a family can grow, therefore increasing their food security. And by using gardens that have a small land footprint, they are perfect for urban food deserts.

We understand sustainability is key to a community's success and it is present in everything we do. Our gardens use only locally found materials, thereby reducing both cost and environmental impact. We teach natural growing, which means no pesticides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers. Additionally, our unique gardening systems are extremely water-efficient, making growing in dry climates both possible and environmentally responsible. Lastly, because we favor composting for fertilizer, we are encouraging wise and sustainable waste management practices.

Our final core value is respect. While many international development initiatives take a “top-down” approach to development, implementing cookie-cutter policies laid out by a Western think tank and applied ad-hoc to low-income countries, our organization is firmly “bottom-up.” We recognize that individual communities have different needs, desires, and customs. We believe every community deserves a custom-tailored approach to solving problems like hunger, sanitation, and development.

Will you join us?